In this case, we can only hope that our directness will begin a new pattern that will lead to self-awareness.The Aloof’s other reaction may be to stay incommunication but to deny being aloof.I found this nifty visual aid to help illustrate my point. If you are aloof, what experiences do you think contributed to your developing that style of manipulation?

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The energy field of an Aloof person feels like to read.

Personally, I feel I know more men who fall into this category than women, but I’m sure aloof women are just as difficult to get through to!

Out of the conversation, we hope, a new pattern will be established.

It is my observation that trust may be the key to free yourself from being Aloof.

Here is what author James Redfield has to say about dealing with an aloof individual: To deal effectively with someone using an Aloof drama, we must again remember to begin by sending energy.

By sending loving energy rather than becoming defensive ourselves, we relieve the pressure to continue the manipulation.

He may shrug his shoulders exaggeratedly and then stop talking altogether.

Sometimes, when we have guests, he will position himself outside of the group circle, leaned back in a chair looking at his hands or up at the ceiling.

The idea is to draw us in, yet keep us at a distance.