While you may have to make some changes to workstations or provide an assistive device or assistive technology, many changes are simple.

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However, to be as inclusive as possible, an employer should still explore whether some form of accommodation is possible anyhow.

After the hire, the focus shifts to employee retention.

Also, recent jurisprudence has widened the applicability of accommodation.

Many accommodation options available to you as an employer can be low-cost or no cost.

Many people do not believe that hidden disabilities are bona fide disabilities needing accommodation.

Hidden disabilities can result in functional limitations which substantially limit one or more of the major life activities, just like those which are visible.

Accommodating hidden disabilities can keep valued employees on the job and open doors for new employees.

The ADA requires that reasonable accommodation be provided, if necessary, for all impairments that meet the definition of "disability," whether hidden or visible.

A disability can be either permanent (for example, a hearing or mobility impairment) or temporary (for example, a treatable illness or temporary impairment that is the result of an accident).