Over the past five years or so there’s been a lot of conversation and change at the state and local levels about under what circumstances the building code should require fire sprinklers in restaurants.

This came about both as a result of deadly night club fires around the country and by North Carolina’s adoption of the International Building Code (IBC).

When the IBC came into effect, not much changed at first. The maximum number of occupants in a non-sprinklered building was reduced to 100.

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Please bear with me through a somewhat dry history of the building code.

The reason for giving this background will be evident later on.

This also holds true if you’re looking at a new space that’s not sprinklered.

The cost of installing sprinklers in an existing building can be prohibitive depending on several factors, primarily the cost of bringing the water line from the street to the building.

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We tried to argue that a Mc Donald’s with 101 occupants doesn’t pose the same potential hazard as a bar that’s elbow room only for any televised sporting event.