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Although cataracts may seem frightening, advancements in technology have made cataract surgery one of the safest and most successful surgeries in the United States today.

LEARN MORE Here at Bay Eye Care Center our total eye care approach includes a complete optical department providing prescription eyewear, contact lenses, sun wear and specialized low vision aids.

The surgeons at Bay Eye Care use no-stitch cataract surgery, a gentle, precise method, which can lead to faster visual recovery in the eye after surgery.

Once the cataract is removed, an artificial lens implant will be placed in the eye.

Our state-of-the-art technology includes lasers for treatment of your eye conditions, ultrasound eye measuring devices, computerized visual field testing, refractive equipment, and sophisticated eye cameras and microscopes.

LEARN MORE At Bay Eye Care, the surgeons use the safest and most successful cataract treatment available today.

Our experienced optical staff is trained to analyze your prescription and help you select eyewear that will suit your optical requirements, provide comfort and express your personal style.

LEARN MORE Bay Eye Care Center is proud to offer the most up to date techniques to take care of your vision.

LEARN MORE At Bay Eye Care Center, we are dedicated to the special eye care needs of the entire family - from pediatric eye exams and contact lens and eyeglass fitting, to advanced diagnosis, treatment and surgery for eye diseases.

We provide the most advanced medical equipment and procedures to ensure the proper diagnosis and treatment of your eye problems.

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