So sex is not necessarily detrimental or antithetical to spirituality. So how can the ordinary person cultivate peace of mind, serenity, psychological and emotional stability while at the same time being fully engaged in life's incessant drama?Indeed, it could be argued that sex is an essential part of psychological, emotional and spiritual growth and development. The institution of marriage, monogamy and fidelity is one way society tries to keep things simple for people regarding sexuality. In what Nikos Kazantzakis' Zorba the Greek called "the full catastrophe"?

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A Buddhist monk since boyhood, the Dalai Lama believes that sex offers fleeting satisfaction but leads to trouble and tribulation, while celibacy offers a better life and "more independence, more freedom." He has noted that problems arising from sexual relationships can, in some extreme cases, lead to suicide or murder.

For the Dalai Lama and other religious practitioners like priests and nuns, the solution seems to be to avoid such disturbing drama altogether by being celibate.

But there are alternative approaches to sex and spirituality too.

For instance, Tantric yoga uses sexuality and sexual energy to facilitate spiritual growth, and has been doing so for millennia.

For too many today, psychiatric medication is depended upon for mood stabilization and mental stability to weather life's and love's frequent ups and downs.

But ultimately, nothing can spare us from life's supreme drama; as Arjuna, the spiritually conflicted protagonist in the Hindu holy book the discovers.Detrimental to our peace of mind and mental tranquility.Meditation can help to keep us calm and centered during the of sex, love and romance when regularly practiced.And psychotherapy can aid in keeping things in perspective and dealing with our daimonic emotions as constructively and consciously as possible.(See my prior post.) Especially when paired together.And one which, as we have seen in the perverse sexual escapades of supposedly celibate priests in the Catholic Church, evangelical preachers and various and sundry spiritual gurus, is dubious at best.