The warrior down program creates a response team that provides the support and finds resources to get that warrior back into the recovery process.

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They respond to anyone who is in need, at any stage of their journey.

Many recovery slogans and clichés have become part of people’s lived reality.

Then there is the addict whose thinking turns to drinking: ‘I’ve never really had a problem with alcohol, it was just gear and crack – I’m sure I’ll be OK having a drink.’ These experiences prove that an addict on their own is indeed behind enemy lines – rhetoric soon becomes reality when you realise that we really are in this together.

PURPOSE: The Warrior down program is set out to provide a relapse prevention and recovery support group for peers who are completing treatment and returning to their community after a period of addiction or incarceration..

Recovery is not just about staying sober or drug free.

It’s about seeing life through new eyes, new thoughts, and a new spirit.Re-establishing one’s life following treatment for alcohol or substance abuse or incarceration requires a community effort.Without the support of a knowledgeable family and community, many who try to return to healthy, productive lives find themselves frustrated by the need for a job, training, education, housing, mental health care, medical support or connections with others who value sobriety and healthy behaviours.Many who try to return to healthy, productive lives find themselves frustrated by the need for employment, training, education, housing, transport, mena tal health care, medical health care, social services, spiritual and cultural support or connections.A positive connection with a like minded individuals, who value their new found way of life, within the community, who has bee n through the stages of recovery can make all the difference and show that recovery is possible and achievable.The approach is made up of informal coalitions of work colleagues, treatment professionals, friends and family members, as well as those supporting family members like Loved Ones Unite and Al-anon, faith-based group members and peers in recovery.