If you have living wage coming from say 1) real estate, 2) your career, 3) your online business and 4) stocks/bonds… If you’re looking to cut costs and run a large team, you’ll try to make a process out of each group.

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They will look for “remedies” for their fat loss, their muscle gains and their deteriorating skin.

As our readers know, there are no quick solutions to any of these since they are all solved internally.

Set up the sweepstakes such that you’ll never actually lose. Need for a Quick Fix: Building on the items above, since we know humans are unwilling to fix things themselves and are in love with “quick riches”…

we can surmise that they are also quite interested in “quick fixes”.

Telling someone to overhaul their diet, exercise and work routine is just not feasible so go ahead and sell Band-Aids instead.

As long as the Band-Aid works and helps stop the bleeding you’ll get rave reviews.

This is why the skin care, diet and testosterone boosting industry are all alive and healthy.

These industries target massive pain points since the typical person is not in shape.

We cannot change human nature so the next best thing is to save time. Unless someone is completely new to a topic there is no point in changing their opinion.

It won’t happen and if you’re right they will simply dislike you because their ego took a hit (you were right and they were wrong). Instead of trying to change opinions make a decision on if the person has already made a strong opinion. If someone is 100% new to a topic then feel free to provide an opinion.

Back in 2012, we used to believe that giving out the truth would lead to more competition. At the end of the day people are simply animals and the vast majority will fall into the same traps over and over and over again. Unwilling to Take Action: Pick me up motivational seminars will be around for decades. 95% of people are unwilling to take action and people get emotionally charged when watching ridiculous things from a Michael Jordan commercial to a Tony Robbins seminar. If you have a business it will be easy to hire employees and underpay them.