Das Outdoor-und Eventzentrum Rodenwaldt in der Region Hannover, Celle und Braunschweig ist seit über 30 Jahren die Adresse für Betriebsausflüge und Incentives.In einer Zeit, in der nahezu alle nach neuen Wegen einer sinnvollen Freizeitgestaltung suchen und man als Unternehmer erkennt, dass erlebnisorientiertes Teamtraining an Wirkung verliert - sind Ideen gefragt!Für die Gruppenreise in die Lüneburger-Heide, als Rahmenprogramm zu Ihrer Tagung oder als aktives Teambuilding in den Peripherien der Städte Hannover, Hamburg, Bremen, Wolfsburg und Braunschweig – nachfolgend genannte Programme verstehen sich nur als beispielhaft!

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(make sure login name and password match the credantials you set on the remote machin ;-))I use this to read a dir and it's contents into a searchable database. Thought I could help clarify something with accessing network shares on a Windows network (2000 in this case), running PHP 4.3.2 under Apache 2.0.44.

However you are logged into the Windows box, your Apache service must be running under an account which has access to the share.

It doesn't have any search function, but just another example.

I wrote it for getting a quick hierarchial view of websites (even through Dreamweaver will show it to me, it'd be a chore to go through each folder and expand it).

stats=imageswould look in the images folder Obviously you will want to modify it so it fits your needs, but I thought you guys would want this - especially if your server doesnt have the latest version of php.=========================== I ran into a little snag in example 1.

opendir() lists files by the last time the file was accessed.

Attention: Don't check the data with substr though, it's not a secure solution.

Exploit example: /home/users/mrsmith/../mradmin/Exploit example2: /home/users/mrsmith/../../../../../../../../../../../../../dev/I'd do a case sensitive regex match.

There are file/folder names with unsupported characters in them, (such as ""), so opendir() fails with "the volume label syntax is incorrect." However, is_dir() will report - correctly - that it these are valid directories!

Though for what it's worth, Windows can't get in there either.

You can use opendir on all valid (existant and reachable) folders.