British intervention saves Kuwait, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates from being subsumed into Saudi Arabia. In December, King Fahd calls for the eradication of terrorism, saying it is prohibited by Islam. consulate in Jeddah; five staff and four attackers are killed. In February, Interpol issues its largest group alert for 85 men suspected for plotting attacks in Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah fires the head of the Mutaween (religious police), the most senior judge, and the head of the central bank in a rare government reshuffle. officials confirm plans to sell US billion worth of arms to Saudi Arabia—the most lucrative single arms deal in U. In June, Saudi women mount a symbolic protest in defiance on ban on female drivers.

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Abd-al-Aziz Bin-Abd-al-Rahman Bin-Faisal Bin-Turki Bin-Abdallah Bin-Muhammed Al Saud, known as Ibn Saud, takes control of Riyadh, bringing the Al Saud family back to Saudi Arabia, which eventually leads to the formation of the Saudi Arabian nation.

The Saudis gain politically and threaten to take over other Gulf sheikdoms. In November, the World Trade Organization (WTO) okays Saudi Arabia’s membership after 12 years of talks. In December, diplomatic cables intercepted by Wikileaks suggest U. concern that Saudi Arabia is the “most significant” source of funding for Sunni terrorist groups worldwide. King Abdullah warns of a “no tolerance” policy on threats to nation’s security and stability.

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Alexander the Great, who was attracted to Arabia by its great wealth, dies, leaving his plan to explore the region unfulfilled.

Nearchus, one of his admirals, establishes an important trading colony on Failaka Island.

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