So if anything I have said strikes a chord with you, send me one of your 3 emails and we can see where it goes from there. Hey, even if you don't want to meet you could at least nominate me for Best of Craigslist.

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I am originally from the south, went to college in Arizona (U of A), and have lived in Denver and Cleveland before moving here about 4 1/2 years ago. While I could afford a new Beemer, I'm sticking with my 95 Honda Civic. Simply because it's paid for, and while I could afford a $500 a month car payment, it just seems like I can have a lot more fun with the money in my pocket, not in someone else's.

My favorite activities are running, golf, and playing my guitar (beginner, taking lessons, so no serenades yet but soon, I promise.) I enjoy going to museums, theater, movies, hanging out in GG Park, and frankly just about anything outdoors.

Read on for more tips and advice on Internet safety, including securing your connection.

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Even in this day and age, you will get it back 10 fold.

I could just do without some of the attitudes on peoples faces around here.

By now you probably found a job, an apartment and sold a bunch o' crap you never needed in the first place and perhaps even found a cool organization to volunteer your free time in the pursuit of equal rights for hairless cats. The ones from Glamour shots simply cry out with…”This is the absolute best I ever look” , not really a good sign. Additionally, please stop expecting Brad Pitt to show up in your in box. Keep it simple coffee, a drink or hell split a $.69 bottle of water. If you decide you want to hang out longer, that's cool. So now you have read this much and you want to know a little bit about the author, well here goes....

Now you have decided you're tired of the bar scene so you have decided to put your faith back into your good buddy Craig, but for some reason it's just not working or you are afraid it's going to be Freddy Kreuger out there or something. It’s funny how women complain that men view them as sexual objects yet one of the first questions a woman asks in the interenet dating world is “Can I see your picture? But have you ever been on a date for 2 hours that felt like 2 years. Say it, own it, love it, because it's you, and you better love yourself before you try to loves someone else. Email Tag: You really shouldn't trade more than about 3 emails each before you decide to talk on the phone. I am a 34, fit, cute, fun(ny), witty, Jewish (you don't have to be), SWM.

If nothing else, this blog is an outlet for voicing my astonishment at the typical female's ignorance of the male mindset.

At most, it is a reliable source of advice for women who want to improve their chances with the opposite sex.

Very similar to loving the book but hating the movie syndrome.-- 6. If you respond to more than 5 Craigslist postings a day, please stop, back away from the computer and get at least one new hobby. If you spend over 2 hours per day just reading Craigslist but never responding to an ad, please refer back to #5. If you spend over 2 hours per day reading Craigslist and responding to 10 ads per day, please increase the dosage and tell your shrink you need an extra appointment this week. If you go out with a guy and really like him, please don't go back looking to see if his ad is still on Craigslist after your first date. I actually live here because it is a great neighborhood.